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Apocalypse WWI

June 13 - 15
Apocalypse WWI

Directed by: Isabelle Clark, Daniel Costelle
(France/Canada, 2014, Blu-ray, 552 min.)

Presented in English

Includes two free panel discussions featuring: Jeanette Kopak (Director of Operations & Business Development, Centre for Digital Media), Nik Palmer (Zeros 2 Heroes), Josette Normandeau (President, Ideacom International Inc. and Zenith ABC), Roxanne Panchasi (Associate Professor, Department of History, SFU), and Nicolas Kenny (Assistant Professor, Department of History, SFU)

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Commemorating the centenary of the outbreak of what British propagandists dubbed both "The Great War" and "The War to End All Wars", Apocalypse is a monumental undertaking, French-Canadian co-production led by French documentarians Isabelle Clark and Daniel Costello. Culled from more than 500 hours of archival material, this is WWI as you have never experienced it before: artfully colorized in a painstakingly researched process that brings the footage to life with unprecedented impact. Unfolding in five 52-minute installments, Apocalypse WWI takes us to the battlefields, inside the minds of those who govern, and to the heart of the everyday life of civilians behind the lines. It transports us from the trenches in northern France to the front lines of Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Palestine and the Arabian deserts.

In episode 1, Fury, we examine the root causes of the conflict, kickstarted by the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, June 28, 1914.

In Fear (episode 2), Germany repels the Russian advance at the Battle of Tannenberg, but the Germans are themselves bogged down by the French at the Battle of the Marne, and the imperial powers call in colonial troops to make this truly a global war.

In Hell (episode 3), the devastating consequences of modern technology lay waste to millions of lives throughout the years 1915 and 1916, culminating in the bloody carnage of the Battle of the Somme, where British losses top 30 000 in just a few hours.

In Rage (episode 4), mutinies begin to break out on all sides, and the US enters the war. General Pershing lands in France, June 1917. In July, the senseless slaughter continues at the Battle of Passchendaele.

Finally, in Deliverance (episode 5), American troops swing the conflict decisively away from Germany, and on November 11, 1918, armistice brings the fighting to an end.

Co-presented by VIFF Vancity Theatre, the Consulate General of France in Vancouver and Idéacom International. Sponsored by Alliance française, Centre for Digital Media, Merging Media Productions Inc., Zeros 2 Heroes Inc., Radio Canada, and The Georgia Straight.

Apocalypse WWI is presented with the support of the following consulates general based in Vancouver : Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, United States of America.


Guests in AttendanceGuests in Attendance

Producer Josette D Normandeau will join us to introduce these special screenings, and participate in two panel discussions over the weekend. Tickets are available for programs of two episodes back to back at our standard prices, or as a $21 ticket pack for all 5 episodes. Panel discussions are free on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Screening Information

Friday, June 13
6:30 pm: Apocalypse FURY + Apocalypse FEAR

Saturday, June 14
1:30 pm: Apocalypse FURY + Apocalypse FEAR followed by 1 hr break
4:30 pm: Apocalypse HELL + Apocalypse RAGE
7:00-8:30 pm: Panel: Remembering World War I Moderator: Colin Browne (SFU). Participants: Josette Normandeau (CEO and producer - Idéacom International), Roxanne Panchasi (Associate Professor, Department of History, SFU), and Nicolas Kenny (Assistant Professor, Department of History, SFU)
8:45 pm: Apocalypse DELIVERANCE

Sunday, June 15
5:00 pm: Apocalypse HELL + Apocalypse RAGE
7:00 pm: Panel: History Now: New Media and the Ever Present Past Moderator: Jeannette Kopak (Centre for Digital Media). Participants: Josette Normandeau (CEO and producer - Idéacom International), Nik Palmer (Zeros 2 Heroes)
8:30 pm: Apocalypse DELIVERANCE

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