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Vancouver International Film Festival 2016 | Sep 29 - Oct 14 |
IGNITE: VIFF Celebrates BC Creators
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VIFF's Ignite stream, presented by TELUS, is a showcase of the inspired works emerging from the creative nexus that is British Columbia. At the heart of it is the BC Spotlight film series, which features 10 features that will leave audiences thrilled by the talent being developed right here in British Columbia.

This year, VIFF expands the frame to create multi-experiential programming streams that include curated screenings fused with related talks and events in a unique 'film plus' model. You can now find what you already love even more easily and discover new areas of interest. For a list of our streams click here.

VIFF Sep 29 - Oct 14, 2016

Canada | Dir: Alexander Lasheras
Alex Lasheras' debut feature is a unique psychological thriller dealing with notions of self-identity. When the eponymous Cadence (Maxine Chadburn, excellent in a demanding role) begins to experience hallucinations during a romantic getaway with her pop-star boyfriend (Charlie Kerr), fear and confusion test her ability to distinguish reality from the nightmare unfolding before her. Cadence is a thoroughly entertaining rumination on memory, trauma, and the psyche's efforts to protect itself.

Hello Destroyer
Canada | Dir: Kevan Funk
Embarrassed by the scoreboard and emasculated by his coach, a junior hockey player (Jared Abrahamson) attempts to uphold the game's unwritten code by sending a message to the opposition. Instead, his recklessness sees him banished from his band of brothers. Boasting all the white-knuckle tension of a prison drama, Kevan Funk's debut feature is an involving character study that illustrates the cruel disposability of on-ice warriors and the psychological ramifications of cultures of violence.

Keepers of the Magic
Keepers of the Magic
Canada | Dir: Vic Sarin
Vic Sarin's ground-breaking documentary explores our fascination with moving images and provides insight into how cinema's most iconic moments came to be. Most of all, it honours the great masters of cinematography, unsung heroes whose vision and talent was always right before our eyes. The all-star interviewees include Vittorio Storaro, Bruno Delbonnel, Roger Deakins, John Seale and the late Gordon Willis. This film is a delight for the eyes and a must for cinephiles.

KONELĪNE: our land beautiful
Canada | Dir: Nettie Wild
In Nettie Wild's stunning magnum opus, a mining company helicopter hovers above the pristine land of the Tahltan First Nation in northern BC, carrying a huge electric transmission tower, casting patterned shadows. This conflict between man-made geometries and nature's vortices is at the film's heart. Marking a tonal departure from her earlier documentaries, Wild creates a balanced profile that's free of polemics and a feast for the eyes. "Subtle, beautiful and remarkably even-handed..." — Globe & Mail

Winner, Best Canadian Feature Documentary Hot Docs 16

Marrying the Family
Canada | Dir: Peter Benson
If you were wondering whether the creator of the zany dance satire Leap 4 Your Life (VIFF 13) could get any wackier, we present the answer. This time around, screenwriter/star Taylor Hill has focussed her funny on the foibles of weddings: the planners who attempt to instill order on matrimonial chaos and the comic comeuppance that awaits. Director Peter Benson herds this cast of crazy cats and turns in a scene-stealing supporting turn in this off-the-wall ode to putting a ring on it. Or not.

Mixed Match
Canada/USA | Dir: Jeff Chiba Stearns
This film could save your life. Jeff Chiba Stearns unveils the desperation of people waiting for a suitable match for a bone marrow donor. Unlike blood donations, which are generally suitable for anyone of the same blood type, bone marrow donation requires an extremely close genetic match, leaving multiracial blood cancer patients to draw from a small pool of donors. Incorporating animation to great effect, Chiba Stearns lets us know what we can do to address this critical situation in cancer treatment.

A New Moon Over Tohoku
(Tohoku no Shingetsu)
Canada/Japan | Dir: Linda Ohama
Linda Ohama (Obaachan's Garden) returns to VIFF after spending two and a half years on location in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, and brings with her this compassionate documentary concerning the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident which devastated the coastal Japanese region of Tohoku. In this thoughtful film, Ohama wisely opts to focus on the natural cycle of life, suggesting hope for Tohoku in the symbol of a new moon, an unseen but guiding presence of rejuvenation and new beginnings.

Spirit Unforgettable
Canada | Dir: Pete McCormack
Director Pete McCormack (Facing Ali, VIFF 09) brings us the story of John Mann, lead singer of the iconic Vancouver band Spirit of the West, and his struggle with early onset Alzheimer's. McCormack has built a compelling and emotionally powerful narrative around archival clips and intimate interviews that reveal Mann, his wife Jill and his bandmates to be endlessly engaging and surprisingly candid. This affecting documentary builds to the sort of riveting performance that's made the band local legends.

The Unseen
Canada | Dir: Geoff Redknap
Drawing inspiration from both H.G. Wells and macabre headlines, Geoff Redknap's audacious debut is a narratively rich and psychologically complex thriller. When a reclusive man with an uncanny affliction (Rectify's Aden Young) emerges from self-imposed exile to make amends with his teenage daughter (Julia Silver Stone), he's drawn into a dark underworld involving drug dealing, animal poaching and organ trading. "Exceptional... The best of its kind to come along since Unbreakable." — Screen Anarchy

Window Horses
Canada | Dir: Ann Marie Fleming
Ann Marie Fleming's Window Horses, a beautifully narrated and colourfully animated story of a young girl's journey, employs poetry, music and illustration to celebrate the value of self-discovery. After being invited to a poetry festival in Shiraz, Iran, by a mysterious figure, Rosie Ming faces challenges that ultimately lead to her self-realization. The film's superb voice cast includes festival veterans Sandra Oh, Don McKellar and Ellen Page.

Ignite Stream - Awards

Ignite Award
Presented by TELUS. The significant $20,000 prize will recognize the outstanding work of one female key creative on a BC-produced feature or short. The awarded prize money can be used for a future production or towards customized training that will further advance the creator's career.

Best BC Film Award
One narrative feature will receive a $10,000 development bursary provided by the Harold Greenberg Fund and $15,000 post-production services credit supplied by Encore (Deluxe Ent Services Group).
Encore Deluxe

BC Emerging Filmmaker Award
This award includes a $7,500 cash prize sponsored by the Union of BC Performers and ACTRA Fraternal Benefits Society and $10,000 equipment credit supplied by William F. White. This award is open to narrative features that are signatory to a UBCP/ACTRA agreement.
UBCP/ACTRAWilliam E White International Inc

In advance of the festival, the #mustseeBC campaign invites audiences to preview trailers, promote BC filmmakers across social networks and VOTE for their favourite films. The film that gets the most fan votes takes the title "Audience Must-See-Film" and gets a special red carpet screening. Voting starts on September 12th on

Winners will be determined by the members of the Ignite jury and announced at an awards ceremony on Saturday, October 8, 2016.
Totally Indie Day - October 8
Presented by STORYHIVE. Totally Indie Day supports emerging content creators through targeted business, creative and personal development opportunities. Rising feature film directors, creators of a successful Canadian web series and others will be on hand to share their industry learnings. Attendees also have the chance to meet with Canadian and US distributors, and network with industry professionals. Full program will be announced early September on

BC Spotlight Awards Gala and Industry Party - October 8
Our annual event honouring BC creative industries and artists. This special evening starts with eight awards being handed out and culminates with an after-party where attendees can celebrate and network.

VIFF Sep 29 - Oct 14, 2016

The festival's programming will be featured in the following streams:

  • Panorama: Special PresentationsDocumentariesSpotlight on FranceContemporary World CinemaCinemas of India/Iran/Africa/Middle East – The world's boldest creators and their exceptional works. The year's most anticipated international films and new discoveries curated specifically for VIFF audiences.
  • Ignite – A showcase of the inspired works emerging from the creative nexus that is British Columbia.
  • True North – A celebration of the extraordinary creativity and craft being demonstrated by Canadian storytellers from coast to coast.
  • Impact – Uncompromising films and insightful discussions that spark action and change the way we see the world.
  • Next – Virtual reality, gaming, music and emerging digital platforms serve as a catalyst for ground-breaking ideas and unforgettable next-level experiences.
  • Gateway – Journey into the compelling cinematic worlds envisioned by some of East Asia's most adventurous artists.
  • M/A/D – Music, art and design receive their deserved big-screen treatment in this aesthetically alluring stream that's enhanced by exhibitions and live performances.
  • ALT – Fantastic cinema that defies traditional classification and creators who push short form storytelling to its limits.
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